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Here's who's running the magazine!


Rory Frasch

They/them | minor

I like superheros, poetry, romance, and queer-centric stories! I'm interested in featuring pieces that have a lot of emotion in them, stories that are very raw and personal.


Ash Scullin

He/them | minor

I'm a lover of marital arts, history, and art! I gravitate towards stories grounded in darker themes, and those featuring queer characters.

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 9.42.55 AM.png

Mary Jibladze 

She/her| minor

I love romance, angst, and stories that cover deep and emotional topics. My range in stories is wide, I love stories grounded in reality. Harsh reality, stories that really showcase the ugly stuff. I also adore pieces that have the pure aspect of love and life. 

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