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We are looking for any type of work, including previously published. While we accept simultaneous submissions, please inform if you choose to feature your work in another place.

Please submit as much work as you'd like! Though, as we review all works by the creator at once, your response may take longer the more you submit. Feel free to submit this form twice if you have more than ten works. Please make sure each piece has a title. Please include trigger warnings!

For writing, please keep your work around 2000 words! While we love long form fiction, we cannot put such a large piece in our work. This word count is very loose, though, so if your word count goes above that - it is okay but please keep it around that number! If you're wondering if your word count is alright, feel free to email us. We're pretty loose, especially in the beginning of our magazine.

Please do not submit fanworks or anything unedited. Please do not send us work that has spelling errors or a lack of formatting / the very of first drafts. If accepted, we will have to ask you to edit it, and you will get less critique + take less priority with response time to other submissions. Please also do not submit NSFW - all of the editors are minors as of now.

If we choose to publish your work, all rights still remain to you to publish in other places and such, though we'd appreciate if you link back to us as being the first to publish it! 

We cannot pay our contributors at the moment - all of the editors are high schoolers, we are not capable of that as of now. We keep our work free (except for print copies) to promote the production and spread of art throughout the world.

DO NOT EMAIL US YOUR WORK! Please use the google form, there is information there we need to accept submissions. We will ignore all emails with submissions in them.

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Image by Baran Lotfollahi
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